Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Drain Maintenance

While it won’t prevent 100% of problems, preventative drain maintenance does make a difference. Regularly maintaining your drains also makes it easier to plan and budget—and it’s convenient when you work with John’s. We’ll put our 30+ years of experience solving drain and sewer issues to work to create a custom plan for your building or home.

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Consider a preventative drain maintenance plan if you:

  • Manage a restaurant
  • Are a busy office or property manager
  • Live in an area surrounded by trees


Maintenance plans help you:

  • Budget effectively
  • Avoid expensive and stressful emergencies
  • Stay compliant with local regulations
  • Avoid business or family disruptions
  • Manage your time- we call you to set up your appointments


How often? It depends on your building/property.

  • For restaurants, we recommend monthly cleanings, due to the nature of the business and how often drains are used
  • For your home, you may only need us to visit once per year, depending on the age of your house
  • For an office building, we’ll likely visit every 6 months, depending on the age of the building


Why John’s?

  • Work with the same technician every time, so you’ll get to know your service technician and he gets to know your drains.
  • Get a call from us to set up your appointments—you don’t need to do anything but let us in when it’s convenient for you
  • Schedule service early in the morning or late at night to avoid business disruptions

Call 612-756-7394 to request a free estimate for preventive maintenance or learn more about us.


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