Parking Ramp Drains

Drains in parking ramps and garages accumulate a large amount of sand, dirt and debris.  This is especially true in Minnesota where snow and sand are a constant on our vehicles throughout the winter.  The sand clogs up the drains and water builds up, leading to potential flooding and pipe rotting problems.

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How do you clean a Parking Ramp drain?

John’s uses high pressure water jetting equipment to blast away sediment from your drain lines. We also pump out the flammable waste trap and jet spray the trap to ensure your drains keep flowing. See a water jet in action. 

When and how often?

Ideally you should have your parking garage drains cleaned once a year. Schedule a cleaning in the late summer or fall so you can start with clean pipes heading into the winter season. This time of year is also much easier for your tenants to park their cars and bicycles outside during the cleaning process without dealing with winter parking restrictions.

Give your tenants notice

Having your parking garage drains cleaned takes approximately one full day. Because your tenants will have to park their cars outside of the garage during the cleaning, schedule your appointment a couple of weeks out to give them advance notice.

With a preventive maintenance plan for your parking ramp or garage drains, you can avoid the inconvenience and costly damage caused by parking drain clogs. Call us at 612.756.7394 or request a free quote for a preventive service plan.