Tips & Tricks

Commercial Property Tricks

John’s Sewer & Drain is committed to helping its customers prevent clogs and avoid the need for emergency service when possible Listed below are tips for that apartment property managers, condominium association executives and other commercial property owners can share with residents to minimize business disruptions and the need for emergency services.

  • Never pour cooking fats or oils down the drain. Bacon grease, frying oil and other liquid fats solidify in pipes and create back-ups. Use paper towels or pour liquid fat into a container that will not melt (like a coffee can) and let it harden to a point that it can be put in solid waster disposal.
  • Always run start running water from the tap when putting waste in a garbage disposal. Keeping water flowing as waste is being mulched to ensure it will flow smoothly down the pipe.
  • Whether its corn on the cob from a summer barbeque or turkey bones on Thanksgiving Day, refrain from disposing of stringy or fibrous waste down a disposal or kitchen sink as they are primary culprit of sink clogs.
  • For families or units with roommates, space showers at least 10 minutes apart to allow water to completely drain after each use.
  • Consider brushing your hair before showering. The amount of hair that a brush can trap pre-shower can minimize clogging over time.
  • NEVER flush anything other than toilet paper. Feminine products, disposable diapers, Q-tips, cotton balls and facial tissue can really wreak havoc on your toilet.
  • Keep plugs in sinks. They are designed to catch things that really shouldn’t go down a pipe.
  • If signs of a problem start to surface address them promptly, especially before a holiday.  Having a few extra guests can turn a minor drain problem into a big one, causing a big disruption to your celebration and usually racking up extra fees for holiday service.
  • Schedule regular preventive maintenance for mainlines, vertical stacks, parking garage drains and problem pipes. Practicing good “drain hygiene” will save time and money over the long term.