Parking Ramp Cleaning

Drains in parking ramps and garages accumulate a large amount of sand, dirt and debris.  This is especially true in Minnesota where snow and sand are a constant on our vehicles throughout the winter.  The sand clogs up the drains and water builds up.

John’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning specializing in cleaning the drain systems at parking ramps and garages in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area.  Our high pressure water jetting equipment will blast away the sand from the drain lines.  After we have cleaned the lines, we will pump out the flammable waste trap and then jet spray the trap as well.

For a free estimate on a preventive maintenance plan for your parking ramp or garage drains, call John’s Sewer today at 612-756-7394.

Parking Garage

Preventive maintenance on the drain system is especially important for parking ramps and garages.

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